Fleet Maintenance & COF’s

Fleet Maintenance & COF’s are two important services that NFA, a fleet assist company in South Africa, provides to its clients.

Fleet Maintenance involves regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs of fleet vehicles to ensure they are operating at optimal levels. This includes oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and other routine maintenance tasks that help prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of the vehicles. By having a comprehensive Fleet Maintenance program in place, fleet owners can reduce their overall maintenance costs and keep their vehicles on the road for longer periods of time.

COF’s, or Certificate of Fitness inspections, are mandatory inspections that are required by law for commercial vehicles in South Africa. These inspections must be conducted by a registered testing authority to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and meets all safety requirements. NFA’s COF services include pre-inspection checks, testing, and certification of commercial vehicles to ensure that they meet all legal requirements.

National Fleet Assist offers unparalleled Nationwide & Cross-Border commercial & heavy-duty roadside assistance.

NFA Call Centre is a business process outsourcing solution within the logistics and heavy duty & commercial vehicle maintenance space.

NFA Security provides peace of mind nationally through escort/guarding services & a mobile security application, safeguarding your most valuable assets.

By offering Fleet Maintenance & COF’s services, NFA helps fleet owners and managers to maintain their vehicles and ensure that they are compliant with all legal requirements. This helps to minimize downtime and reduce the risk of breakdowns and accidents, which can be costly for businesses.

In summary, Fleet Maintenance & COF’s are essential services for fleet owners and managers, and NFA provides comprehensive programs that help to keep fleet vehicles in optimal condition and ensure they meet all legal requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our Fleet Maintenance & COF’s services and how we can help you maintain your fleet vehicles.

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