National Fleet Assist offers unparalleled Nationwide & Cross-Border commercial & heavy-duty roadside assistance & maintenance 24/7. Boasting more than 450 associates in over 200 locations, NFA has your fleet covered.

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Our key focus is minimising downtime nationwide & cross-border 24/7.

Having a trustworthy single point of contact for roadside support has major benefits for your company.

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Mechanical Services
Mechanical services refer to the maintenance, repair, and replacement of various mechanical components of vehicles.
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Towing & Recovery
Our Towing & Recovery service is available 24/7, so you can rely on us to be there for you whenever you need us.
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Mobile Welding & Engineering
Mobile Welding & Engineering is a specialised service offered by NFA in Southern Africa.
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Auto - Electrical Services
At NFA, we understand that when your fleet experiences an electrical breakdown, it can be a major headache.
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Weighbridge Services
Rectifying, transferring and storing of loads encountering issues at weighbridges.
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Fleet Maintenance & COF's
Fleet Maintenance involves regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs of fleet vehicles to ensure they are operating at optimal levels.
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Our specialists are ready and waiting to attend to any air issues.
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Tarp Repairs
This service is designed to repair or replace damaged or worn-out tarps on trailers and regids.
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Emergency Tollgate Funding
NFA's Emergency Tollgate Funding service - the solution to help you avoid unexpected delays and maintain a seamless flow of operations.
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NFA offers assistance for fleets that experience tyre-related breakdowns.
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We understand that fleet vehicles can encounter a range of issues on the road, including lost or damaged keys, broken locks, or faulty security systems.
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Driver Loans & Accommodation
At NFA, we understand that managing a fleet involves more than just maintaining the vehicles.
Why Choose us

Why National Fleet Assist?

Uniform rates nationwide, no surprises
24/7, 365-day service
Well trained, friendly & knowledgeable contact centre staff
One account servicing all fleet owners’ needs
Over 450 pre-vetted, qualified associates
Constant feedback & progress reports
Focussed on minimising downtime
Nationwide & Cross-Border servicing, maintenance & repairs
Latest call/breakdown logging technology
Insurance with nationwide coverage
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