Weighbridge Services

NFA offers assistance with moving, removing, and storing loads at weighbridges.

Weighbridge Services is one of the many services offered by NFA, a fleet maintenance and assistance company.

Weighbridge Services are designed to help fleet owners and managers accurately measure and record the weight of their vehicles.

A weighbridge is a large scale used to weigh vehicles, typically trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Weighing your fleet vehicles is an important part of fleet management as it helps to ensure that vehicles are not overloaded, which can lead to safety hazards and compliance issues.

National Fleet Assist offers unparalleled Nationwide & Cross-Border commercial & heavy-duty roadside assistance.

NFA Call Centre is a business process outsourcing solution within the logistics and heavy duty & commercial vehicle maintenance space.

NFA Security provides peace of mind nationally through escort/guarding services & a mobile security application, safeguarding your most valuable assets.

Our team of trained professionals can assist with the safe and efficient transfer of loads, ensuring accuracy in weighing and compliance with all regulations. We also offer secure storage options for loads before and after weighing, as well as removal and disposal of any waste materials. Trust us to provide comprehensive solutions for all your weighbridge needs.

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Uniform rates nationwide, no surprises
24/7, 365-day service
Well trained, friendly & knowledgeable contact centre staff
One account servicing all fleet owners’ needs
Over 450 pre-vetted, qualified associates
Constant feedback & progress reports
Focussed on minimising downtime
Nationwide & Cross-Border servicing, maintenance & repairs
Latest call/breakdown logging technology
Insurance with nationwide coverage
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